Saturday, June 25, 2005

According to the psychic Sylvia Browne

SPIRITS:Spirits have passed over and embraced the light of their holy father--and are happily living as sons and daughters of God. Sylvia Browne says that a distinguishing feature between spirits and ghosts is that, spirits hover and float about 3 feet above the ground. Whereas, earthbound ghosts are at ground level.

GHOSTS:There are numerous Ghosts among us here on the earth because when these passed they refused to embrace the light of the Father for various reasons such as:
(1) they don't know they are dead,
(2) They may have committed crimes and such and are afraid they will be sent to hell--so they do not embrace the light and roam the earth instead? Much like in the movies "the Others" these can't understand what mortals are doing in their "space" and find it hard to understand why mortals don't normally communicate with them...
Ghosts can communicate with those who are psychically sensitive to them?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Hello. I wanted to make this site, because I know there are many people out there that think about "what's on the other side". On here I'm going to have where you can see what your dreams mean, see some true ghost stories, and real ghost pics, and other great things. If you have real ghost stories or pics-please email me them or post them on here so we can see! Have fun and enjoy this awesome site!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Who has some scary stories to share

If you have a awesome scary story you want to share, please do. It will only take a second and plus we all will love hearing a new story.Im going to add one in a bit. Im glad that a lot of people are responding, I would like more to, and to share stories and ideas that u might have that I'm missing on my site. Please let me know. email: Mail

Friday, May 13, 2005

As you can see the mist in this one real good, outside from a farm house. There's many there. Posted by Hello

Pics Of Orbs

Now as you can clearly see right infront of the camera. A huge ORB that wants to be known that they are there and that u can see him or her! U got anything like this? Or know a site that have lots of huge orbs like these,,great! Share w/ us... Posted by Hello

Orbs And Meaning Of Them

I hear many things about orbs. That their a ball of energy ( spirit) it's amazing what shapes they come in and different colors they show them selves as. Do you think that each color mean something, or maybe trying to let us know something? Another questions mark, it's always hard to find the right answer to so many questions that we all have and want to know. I'm going to be looking up stuff about what the colors mean and shapes. I know you want to know, I will post the information on here of course all about "ORBS".
P*S Don't forget to take a look at a new post that I'm going to be adding here in a bit, Pics of orbs. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


I have a vision like this, where it was so real. I was back in time, I saw sand, and it was beautifull it was so clear and it wasn't like most dreams, you can tell a difference in certain dreams. And have you notice that when you wake up from "real" dreams your tired and you feel like you have used all of your energy. Well you have, especially when your body does "ofbe" ( out of body experience). I have to admit that I have many of those, and some 'till this day.What kind of out of dream experience have you been through so far? ....... Posted by Hello

Haunting Places

Haunting places. There are many places, land,houses even one little spot that you wouldn't think to be haunted by a spirit, well it is. Look at this pic, you can tell that there is something going on there! Also when you take digital pictues to places like these you are known to pick something on film. That's another story, haha! Come and share your thoughts about haunting places, stores.

"Ghost Stories Board"

Place your "Ghost Stories" here. Let us in on those "scary" and "creapy" stories and turn down the lights to get even more "scared". Telling stories about what happend to you or a family member, this is the site to do it at.Come and join others with some great stories and meanings of what are they reallt telling us.